Candida Die-Off Symptoms Are a Myth.

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Candida die-off symptoms are a completely unnecessary and harmful side effect of trying to get rid of candidiasis by using advice from non-qualified health professionals and methods that have not undergone rigorous scientific testing, most often via a candida diet. … Read More

Nappers Are on Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

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The researcher team considered the sleeping habits of more than 16,480 older people in China. Among them around 68% took regular naps. The researcher observed that napping in the day just once per week increased the possibility of developing the … Read More

Copper IUD Side Effects and Descriptions

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Intrauterine devices, or IUDs, are well-known contraceptives, copper IUDs being one of the more popular types. IUDs are inserted into the uterus by a practicing qualified physician, and takes up to five minutes. IUDs are a very effective form of … Read More

The Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia

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Walking pneumonia can be a very dangerous disease, not for the person infected, but for everyone around them. While the symptoms of walking pneumonia by definition are much milder than the one that requires hospitalization, it would be a good … Read More

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