What Is a Deviated Septum? Is It a Problem?

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What is a deviated septum? It depends on which septum you mean. The term generally pertains to the wall separating the two pathways of air until they reunite in the back of the nose, the nasopharynx. The nasal septum is … Read More

What Causes a Stye? A Discussion.

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A stye, formally known as a hordoleum, is a result of the glands of the eyelid getting infected. There are two main types of stye. First is the external, caused by an infection of the oil gland for the eyelash, … Read More

Best Ways How to Cure Stuffy Nose.

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Are you tired and irritated by your stuffy nose? Is it in the way of your daily activities? Most of us have had such an experience at some point of our lives. There are different names for this condition like … Read More

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